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Garden Shredders & Chippers

A garden shredder is ideal for tidying up gardens by getting rid of waste such as small wood pieces and fallen leaves. Apart from cutting wood into small pieces, garden shredders are useful in compacting dried leaves and similar other objects. Garden shredders along with other gardening machinery like mowers, blowers and rollers are used to clean and maintain gardens. Burning the garden waste materials was the traditional method of getting rid of garden wastes. This method creates pollution and affects the surrounding environment. However, modern day garden shredders break garden waste into very small parts. The shredded garden waste is more biodegradable and can be easily made into good garden compost.

We stock a comprehensive range of shredders and chippers from all the leading manufacturers, Bosch, Brill, Eliet, Handy, Apache, Ryobi, Fylmo and many more.

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