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Choosing a Lawnmower

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Choosing your first lawnmower or upgrading your current model is a real investment in your garden. With so many different models, makes and sizes the choice can be daunting.

Our buyers' guide to lawnmowers will help you to decide which lawnmower is right for you.


First, think about the size of your lawn:

Small lawns are on average half the size of a full tennis court (39' x 13.5' or 12m x 4m)
Medium lawns are half to one full tennis court in size (39-78' x 13.5-27' or 12-24m x 4-8m)
Large lawns are at least one tennis court in size (78' x 27' plus or 24m x 8m plus)

Identifying the size of your lawn will help you to choose the most suitable lawnmower for the task. You also need to think about the shape of your lawn - lawn - whether there are any slopes or inclines, awkward overhanging shrubs or trees, or water features which will need to be trimmed around. Different lawnmowers have features that will help you deal with these differing landscapes.

Cylinder Lawnmowers

Otherwise known as reel mowers, these mowers give your lawn the finest of finishes

· Ideal for producing a smooth, fine surface
· Gives your lawn a striped effect to look like the Centre Court!
· The cylinder on some models can be replaced with scarifier
· Available from 10"/12" (usually push or electric) to 24" petrol
· Not suitable for undulating or rough ground, or where grass is long and wet.

· Push
· Electric
· Cordless
· Petrol engine (key start optional)


Rotary Lawnmowers - 4 Wheels

The ultimate all-rounder. Cuts the grass with a single revolving blade or disc with blades

· Can cope with long grass in the spring, but still provides a good finish during the        summer
· Suitable for undulating ground
· Can be used with or without grass box
· Variable height adjustment
· Push or self-propelled options

· Electric
· Cordless
· Petrol engine (key start optional)


Rotary Lawnmowers - Rear Roller

As above, but with the advantage of a rear roller instead of two rear wheels

· Versatile machine, cuts long grass and gives a good finish
· Will give your lawn a striped effect (similar to, but not as good as a cylinder mower)
· Can be used with or without box
· Available from 12" to 21"
· Generally self-propelled only

· Electric
· Petrol engine (key start optional)


Hover Mowers

Best selling mowers, they cut grass with a single blade, many with grass collecting

· No wheels, easy to push and control
· Ideal for rough grass
· Available as standard hover (non-box) or as hover collect (with box)
· Ideal on banks or steep areas
· Acceptable finish, not as good as cylinder
- Have to be picked up and carried
· Available from 12" to 19"
· Push only, not self-propelled

· Electric
· Petrol


Lawntractors and Ride Ons

For the larger grass areas, enjoy the satisfaction of sitting down to mow the grass!

· Normally available with mower deck as standard, as well as various attachments
· Will cope with formal lawns or with rough grass
· Choice of collecting systems
· Easy height of cut controls
· Available with standard or hydrostatic transmissions
· Can be fitted with mulching decks
· Electric start